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Hera Takuira memorial arch, Te Puke


A memorial to Hera Takuira was erected on the main road at the eastern entrance to Te Puke in January 1921. Hera (Sarah) Takuira, daughter of Mr and Mrs Takuira Mita of Maketū, had made a notable contribution to fundraising for the Red Cross as Māori Queen during the Te Puke Queen Carnival in 1918. She died in July 1918, only a few weeks after the carnival.

The twelve-foot high marble memorial arch was funded by the Māori residents of Ohinepanea and Maketū.

A cross above the arch represented the Red Cross movement. On one pillar were the words: “Erected by / the natives of / Ohinepanea/Maketu / ―1920― / in memory of / Hera / the beloved daughter / ―of― / Tukuira and Pare / Died July 2nd 1918 / She loyally assisted / the Empire in the / Great War 1914 – 1918 / ― / She was a chieftaness / descended from some of / the sub-tribes of Te Arawa / Matatua and Tainui tribes.”

On the other: “I Whakatoria / Teneiroa tangata / Ohinepānea me Maketu / 1920 / He tohu / Whakamaharatanea / Hera / Tamahine e Takuira raua / Ko Pare / I mate Hurae 2 1919 / I awhina nui ka inga mahie / Te Emeraea i roto i te / Whawhai hiu 1914-1918 / He tamaiti rangatira / Heke [indecipherable] roto i etahi o / Nua hapu o roto ia / Te Arawa Mataatua me / Tainui.”

Some local Māori considered there should also be a memorial to Māori soldiers. Although they raised funds for that purpose, neither a Māori war memorial nor a general Te Puke First World War memorial were ever constructed. The money may have eventually gone towards the Te Puke memorial swimming baths.

The Hera Takuira memorial has been moved several times over the years. It is now situated at the entrance to the Jamieson Oval in Jubilee Park.

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