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Matahuru memorials

The Matahuru-Waiterimu hall was opened in 1923 (the date '1919' above the door refers to the formation of the hall association). Although sometimes referred to as a war memorial hall, it was not dedicated as such at the time. However, in 1953, it was extended by the addition of a supper room and kitchen as the Matahuru-Waterimu district’s Second World War memorial.

The Matahuru First World War roll of honour ("erected by the school children of Matahuru") is displayed inside the hall.  It lists five men from the district who were killed (F.S. Fitness, F. Storey, F. (Hack) Storey, C.O. Storey and L. Matchett);  three who were wounded (J. Coyle, G. Matchett and J. Cheyne); and eight who also served (C. Gall, F.C.F. Storey, S.G. Storey, J. Matchett, E.C. Foote, H. Cameron, H. Smith and W.A. Grant). The Second World War roll of honour (not pictured here) lists two men who died (T. Wallace and L. Watt), and ten who also served (L. Hill, H. Evan, R. McGovern, E. Newton, Col Storey, F.W. Storey, H. Loftus, R.G. Harvey, T. Hitchcock and W.D. Donaldson).

See: Waiterimu-Matahuru School Centenary, 1895-1995, Waiterimu, 1995, pp. 4, 11-12, 50, 53-4


Images and text: Bruce Ringer, 2021

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