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Napier War Memorial Conference Centre


The Napier War Memorial Hall was opened in Marine Parade on 14 July 1957. The stylish and innovative building, designed by local architect Guy Natusch, incorporated a conference hall, a restaurant and an aquarium, along with a memorial bay displaying a roll of honour recording the names of 300 former residents of Napier Borough who had died during the Second World War.

The facility was rebuilt in 1995. On 30 September 1995 it was rededicated as Napier War Memorial Conference Centre. A new First World War roll of honour was added (the town’s original roll of honour had been destroyed during the earthquake in 1931); a number of names were added to the Second World War roll of honour to cover what was now the wider Napier City area; plaques were also installed to acknowledge service in post-Second World War conflicts. The perpetual flame, which had been extinguished some years previously, was relit.

In 2016 Napier City Council resolved to move the war memorial to Memorial Square, near the Napier cenotaph, and the rolls of honour and eternal flame were placed in storage. However, after much controversy, they were eventually restored to their original site. The refurbished memorial was rededicated on 6 August 2023.

The names on the rolls of honour are listed on the Napier City Council website.


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