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Pātea South African War memorial


Pātea South African War memorial light.

Information from the Pātea Heritage Inventory Report:


This unusual war memorial consists of a concrete base with a small plaque, a cast iron column with a Corinthian style capital, and finally a 'question mark' shaped steel tube supporting a large square lantern. It is set back from the footpath in front of the Pātea Museum.


The Boer War Memorial was built to remember those people in the Pātea district who left to fight in the South African/British Boer War between 1898-1902. The Memorial was originally placed in the triangle outside the Central Hotel at the southern end of Egmont Street in 1900. The time that the Memorial was built was unusual, as this war did not end until 1902.

Statement of Significance

This is one of a small number of Boer War Memorials around the country, and an unusual one in its functional attribute of being a street light*. It is clearly a one-off special design, although it utilises a cast iron column that might be found in another context as a verandah post.


E. and L. Baker, June 2003.

* Actually street lights are used for a number of New Zealand's South African War memorials - see the SAW memorial gallery


Rob Groat, Aotea Utanganui – Museum of South Taranaki, 2012

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