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Saint John’s Church Memorial Cross, Feilding


The congregational war memorial at Saint John’s Anglican Church, Feilding, is a rough-hewn granite Celtic cross in the church grounds. This was unveiled by Major W.H. McLean, MC, on 20 February 1921. It was inscribed:

“To the men of this parish who died for their country 1914 – 1918. ‘Their name liveth for evermore’”. The following 27 names were listed: G.I. Atkinson, R. Booth, D. Buckeridge, A. Cowdrey, W. Cuff, J. Cuff, W. Fisher, C. Fisher, B. Goodbehere, A. Hannett, B. Hopping, K. E . Mason, E. Knyvett, O. Niccolls, A. B. O’Neale, C. Peddar, H. Pearpoint, C. Pilcher, C. Phillips, H. Ray, A. Shoebridge, L.C. Simpson, A.F. Simpson, S. Smith, C. Standen, J. Tantrum and G. Walpole.

After the Second World War a further 22 names were added: B. P. H. Boniface, C.E. Burrell, N.F. Buxton, S.A. Crump, F.M. Dahl, R.G. Edwards, N.B. Fawcett, J.A.C. Fowler, G. A. Griffith, G. H. Herdman, G. D. C. Love, R.E.G. Mason, C. K. McKenzie, H.H. Marshall, W.G. Russell, W.A. Shannon, A.R. Street, W.L. Shirley, J. Thompson, A.H. True, C.E. Wells and G. Wells.

See: G.J. Fitzpatrick, St John’s Church, Feilding: The First Fifty Years, Feilding, 1932, pp. 34-5.


Bruce Ringer, Auckland Libraries, 2016

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