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Wairoa War Memorial Hall


The Wairoa War Memorial Hall was built in 1958. A plaque in the lobby records: “This building erected in 1958 / by the residents of the Wairoa District / is dedicated to the memory of those / who gave their lives in war / in service of their country.” Another plaque notes that all the clocks in the building were donated by the Women’s War Service Auxiliary as a tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice in the two World Wars.

The lobby also holds the Wairoa District Roll of Honour. This lists 71 men from the area who died in the First World War, 126 who died in the Second World War, and one name each for Malaya and Vietnam.

The building was recently slated for demolition, but has been rescued and is administered by a group of local service clubs. It is therefore alternatively known as the Wairoa Service Clubs’ Hall. However, the perpetual lamp can still be seen in a glass-fronted shrine in front of the building. Recently a local resident set the words ‘Lest We Forget’ into the tiles at the rear entrance.


Bruce Ringer, Auckland Libraries, 2015

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