Motungārara, 4 June 1840

Nga Wahi

4 June 1840Sheet 8 — The Cook Strait (Henry Williams) Sheet

From Whanganui the Ariel returned south to Motungārara, a small island off the southern tip of Kāpiti Island. Te Rangihīroa and Te Ohu were the last two signatories of the Cook Strait (Henry Williams) copy of the Treaty of Waitangi. The missionaries Henry Williams and Octavius Hadfield both witnessed these signatures, and the rangatira (chiefs) made detailed marks next to their names.

Williams had planned to sail to the South Island but, on hearing that Major Bunbury had been sent there to gain signatures, he returned to Waimate North, where he arrived on 10 June with the Te Āti Awa rangatira Wiremu Kīngi.


Signature Number Signed assort descending Probable Name Tribe Hapū
132 Te Ohu Te Ohu Te Āti Awa? Ngāti Toa?
131 Te Rangihiroa Te Rangihīroa Ngāti Toa Ngāti Te Maunu
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