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21 May 1840Sheet 8 — The Cook Strait (Henry Williams) Sheet

On 21 May 1840, the Ariel, captained by George Thomas Clayton, arrived off Tāwhirihoe pā, a fortified village between the Rangitīkei and Manawatū rivers. Here three rangatira (chiefs) of Ngāti Apa added their signatures to the Cook Strait (Henry Williams) copy of the Treaty of Waitangi. The missionaries Henry Williams and Octavius Hadfield witnessed the signing, though Williams conducted the negotiations.

All three signatories drew complex marks next to their names on the treaty.


Signature Numbersort descending Signed as Probable Name Tribe Hapū
87 Te Hakeke Kāwana Te Hūnia Hākeke Ngāti Apa, Ngāti Kauae, Ngāti Tauira, Ngāti Rangitumoana, Rangitāne, Muaūpoko Ngāti Kura, Ngāti Kitohu, Ngāti Maikuku, Ngāti Pouwhenua, Ngā Ariki, Ngāi Tapuiti
88 Taumaru Hāmuera Te Raikōkiritia Taumaru Ngāti Apa Ngāti Tauira, Ngāti Rangiwhakapou, Ngāti Rakei
89 Mahi Mohi Mahi Ngāti Apa Ngāti Tauira, Ngāti Rangiwaho, Ngā Potiki, Ngāti Rangiwhakaturia

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Grant Huwyler

Posted: 01 Nov 2017

This was the fishing village located at the mouth of Rangitiikei River, its name and location is well documented in historical records. Ngaati Apa put a memorial on the edge of present day Tangimoana where it is believed this site was located.