Nga Tohu

In 1840 more than 500 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Ngā Tohu, when complete, will contain a biographical sketch of each signatory.


SignatureSheetSigned asProbable nameTribeHapūSigning Occasion
35Sheet 8 — The Cook Strait (Henry Williams) SheetToheroaTe ManutoheroaTe Āti AwaNgāti Kōmako ki Puketapu, Ngāti HinerauhuiaQueen Charlotte Sound 4-5 May 1840

Te Manutoheroa, also known as Taihuru, was an important chief of Te Āti Awa. His parents were Taihura and Motukuatea. He married Heketangaa-rangi and they had at least three children.

In the 1820s, after migrating from Taranaki to the Wellington region with Ngāti Toa, he led the conquest of parts of Te Tauihu (the top of the South Island). In later life he lived at Queen Charlotte Sound, where he signed Te Tiriti on 4 May 1840. He was baptised shortly before his death the following year.

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ripeka te ngaruru

Posted: 02 Oct 2022

manutoheroa was the only child of Matakuatea and Hinepukoko (second marriage). Hinepukokos's first marriage was to Taihuru and the reference of this is at 1/159 Taranaki mb Mitchell files dated 1889 Roera Toheroa was the grandchild and only lineal descendant of Toheroa in 1889...Apahuna and Tuuterapouri are noted as Roeras parents

Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter)

Posted: 15 Jul 2020

Te Manutoheroa was the child of Hinepukoko and Matakuatea and not that of Taihuru and refers to 1/159 Nelson MB dated 1889 and in regards to Mitchell Research Report of Te Papakereru or Ti Papakereru QCS put aside by McLean...

Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter)

Posted: 10 Dec 2019

Te Manutoheroa was the grandfather to Roera Te which she was the Last Living Lineal Descendant of Toheroa and his wife Rangi.....her parents noted at Nelson MB 159 and the names given (Mitchell Files for allocation of Grants) dated 1889 is that of Hinepukoko and Matakuatea, and not that of Taihuru and Matakuatea as it is noted....recently i as the applicant sat in a hearing dated 6 November 2019 with regards to the evidence before the Court with her honor Judge Fox to consider the evidence set out determining the true facts of the case with regards to Toheroa's whakapapa and its contents....upon abduced evidence to the Court and the Report and Recommendation given by the Court of their findings, it was decided by the presiding Judge that she did not accept the Report and Recommendation made out by the Court on the grounds that the evidence supplied by the applicant was indeed sufficient enough to decline that Report and Recommendation to put forward further intense investigations as this case is intense and huge in its entirety.....therefore until Judgement has been finalized by Judge Fox, i find the information provided on this site questionable:


Posted: 18 Sep 2019

in reference to previous statements on this page with regards to Te Manutoheroa indicating by Selwyn Augustus Bennett that he died in the year of 1844 is not correct.....I refer to the Queen Charlotte Sounds Te Papakereru Reserve.....Grave of Te Manutoheroa…..Mitchell Files as to allocation of grants to the 1889 whereas it is pointing out that Roera Te Heketangaarangi (grand daughter) was the last lineal descendant of Te Manutoheroa in the year of 1889.....Roera Te Heketangaarangi was noted as 10 years of is also mentioning that Tuuterapouri Te Ngaruru her fahter was still alive as the trustee for the minor......I am the child of Michael Te Ngaruru (ruru) who deceased before his parents and I am named as the next of kin to those grants already in receipt with notification by allocation of the MA as the owner to the whenua and next of kin to this whakapapa by way of the MA....all evidence now sits with the Chief Judge for all amendments with regards to affected parties...….regards...Ripeka Te Ngaruru


Posted: 18 Sep 2019

Te Manutoheroa was my Great Great grandfather and was not known by any other name....Taihuru or Taiharu was the husband of the first marriage to Matakuatea in which her second marriage was to the father of Te Manutoheroa who an only child.....Toheroa married Rangi also of kaipakopako in which their daughter named Apahuna married Tuuterapouri Te Ngaruru of Taiporohenui Hawera…..and conceived Roera Te Heketangaarangi... who in turn married her fathers brother named Te Ngaruru Rangiwhetuki and is which he is buried at Taiporohenui dated 1907.....Roera Rangi otherwise Roera Te Heketangaarangi had 3 issue to Te Ngaruru one of which is my grandfather....I am the heir to this whakapapa to which all abduced evidence is now sitting with the chief judge under section 45/93 for ratification...…..

ripeka te here wharekai whitu kitty ruru

Posted: 23 Sep 2018

i am the great grand daughter to Roera Te Heke-tanga-a-rangi who in turn was the last known living lineal descendant of Te Manutoheroa...(Paramont Chief ki Kaipakopako Waitara West District) in the provincial District of Taranaki.