Reg No: 
Given Names: 
no 14 company (Canterbury section)
Maori 31 March 1900
berry bay akaroa
Next of Kin: 
perham mrs l
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Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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What do you know?


Posted: 07 Apr 2012

You are most welcome. I also came across this record relating to an image held at Auckland War Memorial Museum:
Regards, Jamie Mackay


Posted: 06 Apr 2012

To Jamie Mackay, thanks very much for going to the trouble to send the Boer War records for my Grandfather Frank Perham. I was never sure exactly the year Frank was born so it has helped in that regard. Frank wrote a book on the Boer war titled "The Kimberley Flying Column" which isn't much of a read unfortunately. My father Rex Perham said it was because his second wife was a bit of a bible basher so he had to leave some of the more interesting facts out. Frank however was a pretty accomplished sportsman with rowing and shooting and I have some of his sporting medals which date back to about 1890. Apparently according to my father Rex Frank had a cabinet full of trophies for shooting and he said he had been invited to the "Kings Shoot" which was some sort of rifle shooting competition in England. Apparently Frank was best shot in NZ for the 1000 yards competition for 3 years running but I have no confirmation of this because of my limited records of him. kind regards Frank Perham (Gary Frank Perham)


Posted: 02 Mar 2012

Hi Gary, I've added a link to Frank's military service record on the Archives NZ website. Regards, Jamie Mackay

Gary Frank Perham

Posted: 01 Mar 2012

I am the grandson of Frank Perham who served it the Boer war. My father said Frank was a sniper in the war as he had won several shooting competitions in New Zealand. I have some sporting medals of his dating back to 1892 but my father told me Frank had dozens of them. My grandfather's second wife was quite religious and it was believed she left everything to the church upon her death. If possible I would love to know more about granddad's war history. My first name is Gary but I have been called Frank after my grandfather all my life. I am 53 years of age and my grandfather died when I was about 2 years old. Kind regards Frank Perham