Reg No: 
Given Names: 
herbert leslie
South Island Regiment - C Squadron
christchurch suburb
Kent 12 March 1902
mary street papanui christchurch
Next of Kin: 
kettle mr george
Next of Kin Address: 
Relationship to Soldier: 

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Wayne kettle

Posted: 07 Feb 2019

Herbert and evelyn kettle (Schumacher)

Children are Frederick William George kettle
evelyn maude kettle (hern)
Herbert edgar kettle

David Schumacher

Posted: 16 Jun 2018

I am wondering if Herbert and Evelyn had any children - I thought from the wording on the stone at St Paul's Papanui Christchurch that my paternal great-grandparents Fredrick (senior) and Elizabeth (later Blair) Schumacher had only one child but have now worked out "only son" means exactly that and that Evelyn, Edith and Doris were sisters and have found the names of their husbands and dates of passing but I'd so like to know more! (My Dad suffered badly from depression. He died January 1965 when I was 9. My late Mum and him were not on fabulous terms. I sort of never got to learn anything at all about anyone else on Dad's side, except that I did remember meeting my uncles Keith and Desmond who had lovely wives and nice children, but I was so young then (my late paternal grandmother Violet Elizabeth Schumacher then V E Thornton later on marrying Mr Walter T) but I did not know Evelyn, Edith or Doris ever existed. I go at least once a week to St Paul's where my paternal great-grandparents are buried and where my paternal grandfather Fredrick William - their "only" son is mentioned (his actual internment is @ Some area Europe) but I just sort of pretend he is there too. Helps me feel better. Sometimes, I just have a feeling somebody else has been. Just a feeling. I don't get this feeling when I go to Waimairi to my Dad. Could it be an auntie of my Dad had kids and one or more has visited St Paul's - I would so like to know. (My Mum passed away in 2006. None of her side had any more to do with me. I'd like to know if there is somebody alive who would want to know me; or at least share a cup of tea and tell me about the lives of my great aunties and their husbands + children if applicable).


Posted: 07 Dec 2013

Herbert Leslie Kettle married Evelyn Jane Schumacher in 1906, his mothers name was Harriet, and father George. He died in 1942.