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Cashel Street Linwood
Sheet No: 546

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Deborah McGregor

Posted: 04 May 2021

I have two paintings by Beatrice Partridge and one by her sister, Ruby. I spent quite a bit of time as a child in the home shared by Beatrice, Dorothy & Ruby, and their brother Roland in Eastbourne, Wellington. They were all artists, and were by great-aunties & uncle. My grandparents lived next door to them, hence the reason I spent time there. This fascinating group of adults greatly influenced my life, not only through my lifelong appreciation of art.

Hone McGregor

Posted: 17 Oct 2020

We have a beautiful piece by Beatrice Partridge in our study signed in 1937 of a South Island glacier and glacial river. No doubt that is a very different glacial scene today. The artwork is 650x900mm.


Posted: 08 Mar 2019

I have a painting by Beatrice Partridge. It is a Still Life of Clematis and Kowhai. Dated 1940. Bought from H Fisher and Son by my Grandparents. My cousin has the partner of this painting. It is a Still Life of Cornflowers and Poppies.

Jan Harris

Posted: 28 Jul 2018

My Great Aunt Beatrice Partridge 1866-1963 was an artist and exhibited for much of her long life.