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New Brighton
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New Brighton

Biography contributed by Pam Logan, great-great-granddaughter of Ellen

Ellen Aslin, was born Ellen Beardsall, daughter of Frederick Beardsall and Ann Throne at Sneinton Nottingham, in October 1831 and baptised on 26 October at St Stephen Sneinton. Her only surviving sister Harriet – who later married John Healy in New Zealand  also signed the petition. Their mother Ann died in February 1844 and their father remarried and died in Nottinghamshire in 1887.

Ellen married Robert Aslin on 18 June 1857 at St Nicholas' Church in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. Robert was listed as a Farm and Estate Bailiff in the census records at Oxton Nottinghamshire. They had seven children: Annie Throne b. 1858; William b. 1859; Mary b. 1861; Frederick b. 1862; Ruth b. 1864; Edward b. 1865; Elizabeth b. 1867; Emma b. 1869 and Margaret b. 1872.    

Robert died on 20 February 1875 at Oxton and his will was proven on 20 May.

Ellen and her children emigrated to New Zealand on the Taranaki from London on 26 September 1879 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 22 December. The report of the ship’s arrival in the Otago Witness states that ‘The whole of the passengers have come out at their own expense, and are evidently a very respectable class of people.’ 

Four of her daughters also signed the Petition. Elizabeth was living with her in 1893 and signed as Lizzie Aslin; she married Thomas Hunt Jenkins in 1908. Ruth Aslin (1864-1901) who married Edwin Camp in 1883 also signed. Ellen and Lizzie were probably staying with Ruth at her New Brighton home. Annie Throne (1858-1902) who married William Henry Duke in 1884 signed the petition in Dunedin (sheet 125). Margaret (Madge) Aslin (1872-1954) who married Charles Torlesse in 1938 is also on sheet 125.

The family was closely involved with the Wesleyan and later Methodist church in Dunedin and other parts of New Zealand and their Christian faith was very important in their lives. Ellen was also remembered as a devoted supporter of Missionary work.  

Ellen died on 9 July 1905 aged 73 and was buried at the Northern Cemetery in Dunedin on 12 July. 

Ellen Aslin was my great-great-grandmother and Ruth Cramp my great-grandmother.

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