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The 1893 electoral roll lists Emily Smythe, Fendalton, Domestic duties.

Emily and Edith Smythe

Image of Emily and Edith Smythe in the UK. Contributed by Barbara Strathdee (née Smythe):

The following family tree was contributed by Barbara Strathdee (née Smythe) who says that Emily is probably the niece of signatory Maud Smythe (another possibly is that this is Emily Smythe née Hodder, who was Maud's step-mother) :


Frederick Henry Smyth (e) (Frank) b. 1822 Ireland – d. 1864 Petworth,   Sussex UK . Frederick was a soldier and governor of a prison in Northern Ireland.  m (m. 10 June 1847 Roscommon, Ireland) Ellen O’Neill Canavon b. 1827 Ireland

Frederick (Frank) and Ellen Smythe’s children:

son  William

son  Edward  Joseph

son  Frederick Henry b. 1837 Thetford, England  

son  Albert 

son  Richard b. 1849 Ireland 

son Joseph Smythe (Pater) b. 1849, Cork, Ireland – d. 6/5/1924 'Hackton' 30 Wairarapa Tce, Christchurch.  m ( 1 ) (m. in 1869 Lewisham, London, UK) Ellen Turk;  m  (2) (m. 1879 Richmond, Nelson);  Emily Hodder (Yanna) b. 1863 Nelson – d. 1932 Ashburton. 

son  Alfred, christened 26/8/1859 Petworth, Sussex

daughter  Emily Ann b. 19/5/1861 Petworth, Sussex, UK – d. 1943 Chch, NZ  

daughter  Elizabeth (Edith) b. 15/10/1862, christened 15/12/1862 Petworth, Sussex – 1946 NZ. m. Fleming.  Emily and Edith arrived in NZ with a brother. They lived in Karori and worked as typists at the National Museum  where eventually Edith was in charge of the museum butterfly collection.  They retired to Hackton House, Wairarapa Tce, Fendalton, Chch to live with brother Joseph Smythe and his wife Emily

Joseph and Ellen (born Turk) Smythe’s children:

daughter Alice Maud (daughter from Joseph's 1st marriage to Ellen Turk) or Maud Ellen Smythe  b. 1870 – d. 1957 Chch NZ. (Alice Maud Smythe’s birth: see UK reg. Aston 6D 349.  Joseph perhaps sailed with daughter Maud from UK to Victoria, Australia, then to Nelson,   NZ, or more probably Maud travelled later with her aunts Emily and Edith: see census UK c1884.


Joseph and Emily Smythe’s children:

 son  Rayner Barrington Smythe (Barry) b. 15/6/1880 Waimea, Nelson, NZ – d. 25/6/1968 Wellington;  m  (m. 26/3/1908 Auckland) Ann Philippa (Annie, Mother Nan) Niccol  b. 17/12/1883 Auckland – d. 7/11/1956 Waikanae 

daughter  Kathleen Alice (Kath) b. 1881 – d.1966 Chch NZ m. Kenneth R W Moore

son  Edward b. 25/1/1883 – d. 8/2/1883

daughter  Nora b. 1/6/1884 – d. 1973 Chch NZ. Nora worked in the Valuation Dept, Wellington.  She was an amateur watercolourist, and she signed the petition for votes for women: see National Archives in Wellington.          

son  Frank Roland (Roland) b. 5/3/1886 – d. 4/7/1964 m. Monica Grace 

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Barbara Strathdee

Posted: 19 Sep 2013

Emily Smythe's worked as a typist at the National Museum in Wellington and moved back to Fendalton to live in her brother's family in the family home in Fendalton.