Given names: 
Fanny M.
Given address: 
Seaward Bush
Sheet No: 361
Seaward Bush

Biographical information provided by Vincent O'Malley for the He Tohu exhibition:

Fanny Hannan was my great-grandmother. She lived long enough to see the First Labour Government come to power in 1935, as she passed away in 1941, as New Zealand fought the Second World War. It seems Fanny was not the only member of her family to sign the Petition in 1893. Fanny's maiden name was Lawrence, and the signature immediately beneath hers is that of Mary Lawrence. I am guessing this was probably an unmarried sister. 

Click on sheet number to see the 1893 petition sheet this signature appeared on. Digital copies of the sheets supplied by Archives New Zealand.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2019

Fanny Mary Hannan was also my great grandmother, but to my knowledge the Mary Lawrence who signed under her is not a relation. Fanny M. Lawrence emigrated to New Zealand on her own age 16/17 in 1878.