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Biography contributed by Ruth Ell (great-neice)

Fanny Pashby was born 11 April 1870, at Kaiapoi. The house where she and her twin brother Robert were born still stands today, largely in its original condition. The house known as ‘The Cream House’ was built around 1870 by her father Thomas Pashby, an early and prominent pioneer in the Kaiapoi district. He arrived in New Zealand in 1853 with his wife Caroline from Yorkshire England.

Fanny never married, and looked after her parents. She is described as living a ‘self-effacing life of service ‘ to quote a family history. Later she became a companion to a lady and her daughter in Christchurch.

She died on 16 October 1951.


Fanny Pashby (Ruth Ell)

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Tony Edwards

Posted: 02 Feb 2021

This good lady was we think a niece of my great grandfather George Edwards of Okair farm Kaiapoi. George followed his sister Caroline Edwards out from Yorkshire arriving 1856 a few years later. Caroline had married Thomas Pashby before they left Yorkshire. Have only recently become aware of this family connection. Would love to explore further with any relatives especially concerning Caroline about whom we can find very little record in Christchurch at least.