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Biography contributed by Fiona McLennan, great-great-granddaughter of Jane Price:

Jane Price (née McDonald) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 19 June 1843.

In June of 1864 Jane emigrated with her widowed father and seven siblings on board the Arima and arrived at Bluff in September 1864. From there they made their way to Riverton and lived with her eldest brother who had earlier emigrated.

Jane became a domestic servant at the Glenquoich Homestead in Athol. She married Morgan Price on 6 December 1867, and resided in Athol for the rest of her life.

They had eight children – Hellen born in 1868, Morgan in 1871, Jane in 1873, James in 1875, Victoria in 1877, Thomas in 1879, John in 1882 and Lilly in 1884.

Morgan had emigrated from Wales in 1863. His English was initially limited and he could neither read nor write. He had experience in farming and became a successful farmer and businessman. By 1876 Morgan operated a general store, butchers shop and bakery in Athol. By 1904 he had also amassed 5,600 acres of land known as Hawthorne Farm.

Jane organised the house and the children’s education and assisted in writing letters and signing cheques for him. Their home was always open to wayfarers: “many of the early pioneers popped in – from visiting clergy to old sundowners.”

Jane died of cancer in 1909 after suffering for three years. She was buried at the Athol cemetery with the service being conducted around the open grave ending with her favourite hymn – Abide With Me. At the time she had 26 grand-children. It is said that Morgan always ate alone after Jane died. He was buried in the same gravesite in 1922.

I am honoured to say that Jane Price was my great-great grandmother.


All information sourced from the book Morgan Price & family written by Trevor Price and published in 1991.

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