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Sheet No: 217

Biographical information provided by Briar Barry for the He Tohu exhibition:

Kezia Walker was born in 1869. She married Edward “Pat” Washborne in 1892. Pat was the son of Fanny Washbourne (née Durey) who also signed this sheet of the Petition. In fact all of the other Washbourne women – Fanny, Mary and Mabel – who signed sheet 217 would have been related to Kezia through marriage. 

In 1928 tragedy struck Kezia’s family when her son, William Henry Washbourne, attempted to shoot his wife Florence in the family’s home. He missed and fled the house, killing himself in a nearby paddock. The couple had been separated but had recently reconciled and were living with Kezia and Edward, along with their four children. William was known to have been suffering from “fits of depression” and had accused his wife of infidelity. A note was found in his pocket attributing blame for his condition to his wife. When interviewed by the police Florence signed a statement agreeing with her husband's account.

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