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Biographical information provided by Gerry McGlinchy for the He Tohu exhibition:

Marion (Mirren) Jessie Christie (nee Jamieson) was born in 1840 to Magnus and Lilias Jamieson of Brindister, Aithsting, Shetland. The oldest child of a large family, she was affectionately known as the younger children’s second mother.

Marion married crofter Andrew Christie in 1860. The couple took advantage of New Zealand’s assisted migration scheme and emigrated on the Timaru, arriving in Port Chalmers on 8 August 1876. They found a house in Caversham. A few years later they moved up the hill to 'Rockyside' near Lookout Point. Marion lived in Caversham for all her years in New Zealand. She died on 30 September 1930, at the age of 91.

Marion and Andrew's children were Lilias (1862-1949), James (1864-1947) Margaret (1867-1867), Mary (1869-1966), Margaret (1872-1966), Catherine (1877-1970) and Jessie (1880-1973).

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