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Gordon Street
Sheet No: 32
Central Dunedin

Biographical information provided by Helen Smith for the He Tohu exhibition:

Annabella Naumann (nee Macaulay) was born around 1845 in Glasgow, Scotland to William Macaulay, a mariner, and his wife Annabella. She grew up in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire before sailing to Australia to stay with her sister Jessie Crawford in Ballarat.

In 1862 the sisters moved to Dunedin on the Sevilla, and in 1869 Annabella married a miner named Freidrich (Frederick) Gustav Heinrich Ludwig (Henry Lewis) Naumann. They had Christian George Otto (1870-1959), Frederick William (1871-), Jessie Macaulay (1873-1951), Julie Annabella (1874), Louisa (1876-), Lily (1879-), Albert (1878-1881), Arthur Leonard (1881-), Gustav (1882-1956), Ethel Elizabeth (1886-), Ada Jane (1886-1886), Ada (1890-), and Herbert James (1907-1963). Both Jessie and Julie signed the Women's Suffrage Petition with their mother.

Annabella died in Dunedin in 1931, aged 85.

Click on sheet number to see the 1893 petition sheet this signature appeared on. Digital copies of the sheets supplied by Archives New Zealand.

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Valmai Redhead

Posted: 15 Nov 2018

This is my great grandmother. Proud to know she signed the petition.