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The Forks
Sheet No: 282

Ashburton Forks. Orginally mistranscribed as 'P. C. Sargent'.

Biography and image contributed by Carole Jackson, great-great grand daughter to Phoebe Sargent

Phoebe Sargent

Phoebe Elizabeth Sargent (nee Crump) was the daughter of John Crump and Harriet Foort.  Phoebe was born on 5 July 1843 at Beckford, Gloucestershire, England. She was baptised on 30 July 1843 at Dumbleton, Gloucestershire, England, Phoebe was about 14 years of age when her mother died in 1857. Her father John remarried Ellen Culverhouse in 1861.

In 1862 Phoebe left England on the ship Mystery with 5 siblings her father and stepmother to find a new life in New Zealand. John and Ellen Crump settled in Springston New Zealand.

Phoebe married Isaac Sargent on the 9 May 1864 an they had 16 children: Phoebe Louisa Sargent 1865-1866, Bessie Maria Sargent 1867-1920, Mary Bryant Sargent 1868-1902, Annie Victoria Sargent 1870-1937, Louisa Lucy Sargent 1871-1951, Alice Jane Sargent 1873-1920, Daniel George Isaac Fort Sargent 1874-1931, Eda Selina Sargent 1876-1954, Charles Alfred Augustus Sargent 1877-1964, William Henry Sargent 1879-1948, Ethel Maud Sargent 1881-1954, John Sargent 1882-1882, Fred Sargent 1883-1950, Francis Arthur Sargent 1885-1950, Leah Sargent 1886-1958, Richard Moore Sargent 1889-1969.

In the 1893 – 1896 Electoral Rolls Phoebe and Isaac are living at Ashburton Forks In the 1905-1906 they are living at Maesbury, Windsor, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Isaac had land in Springston which he sold and moved to Ashburton Forks. When they sold here they moved to Rockwood Estate near Albury (see related newspaper report), then moved to Maesbury, Windsor/Burwood.

Phoebe died on the 16 August 1930, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Arscott, 558 Cashmere Road. Isaac died on the 22 August 1907. Both are buried in the All Saints Church Cemetery, Burwood, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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