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125 Manchester St
Sheet No: 545
Central Christchurch

First initial originally mistranscribed as 'I'.

Click on sheet number to see the 1893 petition sheet this signature appeared on. Digital copies of the sheets supplied by Archives New Zealand.

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Debbie McCauley

Posted: 14 Jul 2018

I believe this 'I' is actually an 'S' and stands for Sarah Ann Dorothy Izett (nee Pattle) born on 10 October 1844 at Risebridge, Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England. She appears in the 'First meeting of the National Council of Women, Christchurch (April 1896)' photograph as Mrs D. Izett (short for Dot). Her husband was James Izett, born in Scotland in 1835 and who died in Wellington on 12 March 1918. Sarah died at the age of 84, on 21 March 1929, at Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.