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Details of Emily Schulze's 1905 patent can be viewed here:

Christine Richardson

Posted: 18 Jul 2019

Emily Schulze (nee Clinch) married Captain Oswald Waldermar Schulze (originally from either Germany or Poland – sources tend to differ) in 1878, and they had six children together.

On the Electoral Rolls, Emily was recorded as performing residential and domestic duties, and her husband as a hotelkeeper in Opotiki, a blacksmith in Moa Creek, but primarily as a well-known master mariner. Throughout the 1870s, Oswald Schulze was known throughout the Pacific as a skilled shipmaster, and often traded between Auckland, Samoa, Tonga and Rarotonga.

Two of Emily and Oswald’s children, Ethel Mary and Frank Oswald W. Schulze, were recorded as having been born in Tonga between 1886-1890. This indicates that Emily would have travelled alongside her husband to at least two voyages to the Pacific Islands, presumably more. They also lived in a number of different places around New Zealand, so Emily was evidently a well-travelled woman. Not only was Emily well-travelled, she also was educated. In October 1904, Emily Schulze was featured in New Zealand newspapers as having her Application for Letters Patent accepted for an improved medical appliance, or, more specifically, a catamenial appliance. She features again in June 1905 for inventing another improved catamenial appliance.