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Biography contributed by Sharlene Rummey.

Elizabeth Purdom (nee Riddle) married James Stewart Birdwood in Victoria, Australia in 1854. Their children Emily and William were born in New South Wales before the family immigrated to New Zealand. Three children – James, Clara and Flora – were born in New Zealand where James was a miner at the Imperial Crown Company in Thames; he died in a work accident in 1872.

In the late 1870s and early 1880s Elizabeth appeared in Court on charges relating to obscene language, drunkenness, willfully causing a false entry to be made in a register (of which she was discharged), and for child support for her son Samuel from his father Alexander ‘Sam’ Wilson.

On 21 December 1882 Elizabeth married Henry Purdom at St George’s Church, Thames. Henry died in 1902.

Elizabeth Purdom and her daughter Emily Jane Addison signed page 408 of the 1892 suffrage petition as well as sheet 390 in 1893.

See 390 E Addison

The 1896 and 1900 Ohinemuri electoral rolls record Elizabeth Purdom as living in Turua and domestic duties as her occupation.

Elizabeth died on 17 January 1911, and is buried at Shortland Cemetery, Thames, with Henry.


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Martin O'Sullivan

Posted: 11 Aug 2022

Elizabeth Birdwood later married Henry Purdon so that her son born illegitimately to Samuel Wilson born Paisley Scotland was renamed to Samuel Purdom. He was my Grandfather and whom died in Auckland in 1957.