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Sheet No: 518
Manawatu / Horowhenua

Was the governess and then step mother of Lilian Tomkins (nee Crab)

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Lyn dear

Posted: 25 Dec 2016

Annie Crabb nee Henson was born in New Zealand. Lilian Jane Crabb came to New Zealand in 1881 and was born in 1865 in Somerset England. She would have been 16. Maybe her father Hugh engaged Annie to be her companion in Halcombe, a fairly raw community at the time. Annie's father was farming at Mangaone farm, not far away.

Ann Campbell

Posted: 02 Nov 2011

Annie - probably the second wife of Hugh Crabb, father of Lilian Jane (Crabb) m Arthur Tompkins. Details submitted.
Annie arrived in NZ with Hugh Crabb and family as a governess to his first family and married Hugh Crabb in 1888 at Sanson. Maiden name was Henson.
When Hugh Crabb died at Wanganui in 1915 he and Annie had three children listed on his death certificate - daughters aged 23 and 24 and a son aged 18.
Annie's husband Hugh was very well educated and spoke Latin, Greek and Hebrew.