New Zealand Music Month

Page 1 – Introduction

A New Zealand Music Week launched in 1997 became New Zealand Music Month in 2001. Each May, New Zealand music is showcased on broadcast media and in live performances.

New Zealand Music Month aims to boost the visibility and success of New Zealand music. It was developed to support the New Zealand music industry by creating a commercially successful platform for local performers. In 2000 New Zealand music made up around 10% of programming on commercial radio stations. By 2005 this figure had risen to nearly 23%. The amount of New Zealand music sold increased from 5.45% of the total market in 2000 to over 10% by 2004.

At this website, we celebrate New Zealand Music Month with 31 reasons to love New Zealand music. There is a different story for each day in May about people, songs and issues that are part of New Zealand's musical heritage. This is a random selection, not a definitive history of New Zealand music. If it provokes memories or ideas, please get in touch.

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