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Frederick Weld

Personal details

Full Name:

Frederick Aloysius Weld


9 May 1823 – 20 Jul 1891


24 Nov 1864–16 Oct 1865

Age on becoming Premier:





Frederick Weld
Frederick Weld was only briefly premier, but he later became a serial colonial governor. That he, a Roman Catholic, could lead a colony showed how different New Zealand was to Britain.


Housing the Prime Minister

Almost 150 years after the government purchased the first official premier's residence on Tinakori Road, Wellington, the address of Premier House remains the same. But in the intervening years the building has been extended, renamed, abandoned and refurbished. Read the full article

Page 2 - The first premier house

Our first premiers had to find their own digs. That changed in 1865, when the government bought the premier a simple 22-year-old wooden cottage in Thorndon’s Tinakori

Main image: Frederick Weld
Formal portrait of Frederick Aloysius Weld. Taken by an unknown photographer, circa 1860.