Taming the frontier

  • Taming the frontier

    In 1832 James Busby was appointed as the official British Resident to New Zealand. After arriving in the Bay of Islands in May 1833 he took steps to tame what he saw as a chaotic frontier society.

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  • Page 2 – New South Wales and New Zealand

    By the early 1830s humanitarians were encouraging the British government to take a more active role in New Zealand affairs.

A frontier of chaos?

  • A frontier of chaos?

    In the years before the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, relations between Māori and Europeans were marred by a number of high-profile incidents.

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  • Page 5 - Captain Stewart and the ElizabethIn 1830 Captain William Stewart of the brig Elizabeth made an arrangement with the Ngāti Toa leader Te Rauparaha to ferry a taua (war party) of 100 warriors from his base on


  • Glenelg, Charles Grant

    British politician Lord Glenelg was Secretary of State for War and the Colonies through the mid-1830s until February 1839.

  • Stephen, James

    The son of a prominent abolitionist, James Stephen was a lawyer and public servant, whose own humanitarianism influenced colonial policy during the mid-19th century.