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The Treaty in practice

  • The Treaty in practice

    Amalgamating Māori into colonial settler society was a key part of British policy in New Zealand after 1840. Economic and social change, along with land-purchase programmes, were central to this process.

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  • Page 7 - The Ngāi Tahu claimNgāi Tahu signed a Deed of Settlement with the Crown in 1998. This completed almost 150 years of the tribe's struggle to have the Crown honour its obligations under the Treaty of


  • Tiramōrehu, Matiaha

     Matiaha Tiramōrehu made the first formal statement of Ngāi Tahu grievances about land purchases in 1849.

  • Tirikātene, Eruera Tihema Te Aika

    Ngāi Tahu politician Eruera Tirikātene became the first Member of Parliament to represent the Rātana religious and political movement in 1932.

  • Mantell, Walter Baldock Durant

    Naturalist and politician Walter Mantell spent much of his career trying seek to justice for South Island tribe Ngāi Tahu after the government failed to keep promises made during land deals with the tribe in the 1840s and 1850s.