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    The passion and parochialism of provincial rugby helped give the game a special place in New Zealand’s social and sporting history. Read brief histories, highlights and quirky facts about each of New Zealand's 26 regional rugby teams.

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Rural service town 19 kilometres north of Te Kūiti. Ōtorohanga was a traditional Māori village. After the King Country was opened to European settlement in the 1880s, Ōtorohanga became the home of government services and the Native Land Court. The railway line arrived in 1887. In the early 1900s many of the town’s businesses were established by Māori, in particular John Ormsby (Hōne Ōmipi).

Meaning of place name
Ō: food for a journey; torohanga: to cause to extend over a distance. There is a legend of a chief who was on his way to Taupomoana, and chanted incantations that stretched out his meagre supply of food to last the full journey.

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