The North Island main trunk line

  • The North Island main trunk line

    All aboard! The North Island main trunk railway was 100 years old in 2008. Take a trip back in time to explore the epic story of its construction, the heyday of the steam passenger train and the place of the iconic railway refreshment room in New Zealand life.

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  • Page 3 – Rise and fall

    A history of the North Island railway main trunk line since the first through train left Wellington on 7 August 1908

  • Page 4 – Travelling by train

    For most second-class travellers, travelling the main trunk meant a long, sleepless journey on hard-backed seats, struggling to find 'elusive comfort with the NZR pillow'.

  • Page 5 – Refreshments

    Refreshments are an essential and often talked about part of any train journey.

  • The future of National Park station was clouded by the threatened closure of the Overlander service in 2006.