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    After a hesitant beginning in the early 1970s, rock festivals hit their stride with Nambassa, Sweetwaters and a string of smaller events in the early 1980s. Following a period of decline, festivals are today as popular as ever with Laneway, WOMAD and others catering to a wide range of musical taste.

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  • Page 4 - Sweetwaters and beyondSweetwaters - Festival of Music, Culture and Technology. There was a lot to that new tagline. It had the future in it. A modernity echoed by the band line-up. Having come

Waikato farming locality.  Pukekawa was in the news in 1970 when the murdered bodies of local farming couple Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were found in the Waikato River. Also prominent in the 1980s as the home of the Sweetwaters music festival.

Meaning of place name
Translates as: Puke - hill; Kawa - short for kawakawa, a native shrub

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