Anzac commemorative site panorama, Gallipoli

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The Anzac commemorative site above North Beach, Gallipoli with the islands of Imbros (left) and Samothrace (right) on the horizon. The New Zealand and Australian governments created this site in cooperation with the Turkish government. New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, her Australian counterpart John Howard and the Turkish Minister of Forestry dedicated it on Anzac Day 2000. They unveiled a plaque stating:

Australian & New Zealand soldiers came ashore here in the early hours of 25 April 1915. Despite their bravery, they made little headway against a determined Turkish defence. The surviving Anzac forces, unable to achieve their objective, were evacuated from here by 20 December 1915.

The Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park is dedicated to the pursuit of peace, harmony, freedom and understanding. In establishing this site within the park, Australia and New Zealand demonstrate they share these ideals with Turkey and with all democratic nations.

Scrolling right brings into view the beach, with the outposts in the middle distance, then Walker’s Ridge, the Sphinx and, in the foreground, the wall below the Kabatepe-Suvla road with panels depicting episodes in the campaign. Plugge’s Plateau runs down to Ari Burnu Point, behind which is Anzac Cove, where the 25 April 1915 landings took place.

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