Letter regarding Leslie Andrew's VC

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This transcript is from a letter sent on 18 August 1917 by Major W.H. Cunningham – Leslie Andrew's commanding officer – to Colonel R. Hughes in Whanganui on 18 August 1917. The letter includes the following endorsement of Andrew being awarded the Victoria Cross:

Young Andrew who used to be in Charlie Mackays office is the man recommended. He was in charge of a couple of sections in the attack and captured two machine guns and brought them both in. Killing a good many of the Bosch crews and putting the others to flight. His work was very fine and he displayed great gallantry and splendid leadership. If he gets it, it will be a great thing for the Battalion and I am particularly pleased that it will be a Wanganui boy to earn the coveted distinction.

Major Cunningham had taken over as commanding officer of the Wellington Battalion following Colonel Malone's death at Gallipoli in 1915. Captain Hugh McKinnon commanded the Wellington West Coast Company. His report on the La Basseville operation on 31 July 1917 mentioned that a total of four enemy machine guns had been captured.

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