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Manukau-Kāwhia treaty copy

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Manukau-Kāwhia copy of the Treaty

The Manukau-Kāwhia Maori-language copy of the Treaty of Waitangi, with 13 signatures, is the only surviving copy with the signature of Colonial Secretary Willoughby Shortland. It was also the last copy to be returned, in 1841.

On 13 March 1840 Shortland sent it to Captain William Symonds, who was to gather signatures from chiefs around and south of Manukau Harbour. Symonds was working in the area on behalf of a proposed Scottish land company settlement. He and James Hamlin of the Church Missionary Society gathered several chiefs, probably at Āwhitu, but did not gain their agreement. Many Waikato chiefs, including Te Wherowhero, attended a second meeting on 20 March. Three Ngāti Whātua chiefs signed then (Kawau, Tinana and Rēweti), but none of the Waikato chiefs did so. Wesleyan missionaries James Wallis and John Whiteley gathered 10 more signatures at Kāwhia between April and September 1840. Each name is prefixed by ‘Ko’; ‘his mark’ is written after the moko or mark.

Follow links in this table to find out more about those who signed and the signing occasion.

Sheet 2 — The Manukau-Kāwhia Sheet
Sign order Click to sort this column in Ascending order Signed as Probable name Tribe Hapū Signing Occasion
1 Te Kawau Āpihai Te Kawau Ngāti Whātua Te Taoū, Ngā Oho Manukau, 20 March 1840
2 Te Tinana Ihikiera Te Tinana Ngāti Whātua Te Taoū Manukau, 20 March 1840
3 Te Reweti Rēweti Tamahiki Ngāti Whātua Ngā Oho, Te Taoū Manukau, 20 March 1840
4 Rawiri Rāwiri Waikato Ngāti Māhanga Kāwhia, 28 April 1840
5 Te Kanawa Te Kanawa Waikato, Ngāti Maniapoto Ngāti Mahuta, Ngāti Naho, Ngāti Hine Kāwhia, 21 May 1840
6 Tariki Tariki Waikato, Ngāti Maniapoto Kāwhia, 21 May 1840
7 Haupokia Haupōkia Te Pakaru Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Apakura Ngāti Urunumia Kāwhia, 21 May 1840
8 Te Waru Kīngi Hōri Te Waru Ngāti Maniapoto Ngāti Te Apakura Kāwhia, 25 May 1840
9 Taunui Taonui Hīkaka Waikato, Ngāti Maniapoto Ngāti Rōra Kāwhia, 15 June 1840
10 Hone Waitere Te Aoturoa Hōne Waitere Te Aoturoa Waikato Ngāti Te Wehi, Ngāto Paiaka Kāwhia, 15 June 1840
11 Te Matenga, Te Wahapu Te Mātenga Te Wahapū Ngāti Maniapoto Ngāti Hikairo ki Kāwhia Kāwhia, 15 June 1840
12 Ngamotu Ngāmotu Ngāti Maniapoto Kāwhia, 27 August 1840
13 Warekaua Wharekawa Waikato? Kāwhia, 3 September 1840

Information on this page is from Claudia Orange, An illustrated history of the Treaty of Waitangi, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 2004.


Archives New Zealand - Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga
Reference: IA 9/9

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