Memorials on Chunuk Bair panorama, Gallipoli

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View of the New Zealand battlefield memorial on the summit of the Chunuk Bair. It bears the inscription:

In honour of the soldiers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force 8th August 1915 “From the uttermost ends of the earth”.

The New Zealand memorial was unveiled on 12 May 1925 by General Sir Alexander Godley, the commander of the New Zealand and Australian Division and, briefly, of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli. Around 400 people attended the ceremony, including New Zealand’s High Commissioner in Britain, Sir James Allen (the Minister of Defence in 1915), Major-General Sir Andrew Russell (commander of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade at Gallipoli), and the governors of the Turkish provinces of Gallipoli and Chanak. Most of those present were passengers on the liner Ormonde, which had brought the dignitaries to the peninsula.

To the left of the New Zealand Memorial is the Turkish Chunuk Bair Mehmet Memorial (Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Anıtı), which, in the form of five large stone monoliths, describes events in this sector, noting that the Turks suffered 9200 casualties and the British forces 12,000. Scrolling right, a road runs in front of the New Zealand Memorial to the Missing, with Hill Q (immediately right of the trees) and Hill 971 in the background. Further right, the enclosure of Chunuk Bair Cemetery is visible in the foreground. The Narrows are visible on either side of the conical-shaped hill, Mal Tepe.

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