Quinn's Post panorama, Gallipoli

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View from Quinn’s Post Cemetery looking south towards the Lone Pine Memorial (left of the trees). This area is named for Hugh Quinn, an Australian officer who died leading a counter-attack against Ottoman forces at this position on 29 May 1915.

The Conkbayiri road passes close to the edge of the ridge near Courtney's and Steel's Post Cemetery (not visible). To the right of Lone Pine the view is down Monash Valley and, in the distance, Shrapnel Valley. The Turkish memorial on Hell Spit is at the mouth of Shrapnel Valley, to the right of which is Plugge's Plateau. Further right is Russell's Top (leading up to The Nek in the trees). Jutting into Monash Valley below The Nek is Pope's Hill and to its right Dead Man’s Ridge. The Turkish 57th Infantry Regiment Cemetery and Memorial on Baby 700 lies above the left edge of the cemetery enclosure. To its left is the statue ‘Askerine Saygi’ (Respect for the Turkish Soldier). Further right are the cemetery and the Conkbayiri road. On the ridge in the distance is the Kemalyeri, a Turkish memorial.

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