Russell's Top panorama, Gallipoli

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View from the inland side of Russell's Top. Originally dubbed Walker's Top, the ridge was renamed in May 1915 after Brigadier-General Andrew Russell, the commander of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade.

On the left is the Turkish memorial on Baby 700, with Quinn's Post Cemetery on the same ridge at mid-picture. Courtney's and Steel's Post Cemetery is on the edge of the ridge at the extreme right, above Monash Valley. The intermediate spur is Pope's Hill. Scrolling right, Lone Pine lies among the trees. Just to the right of Lone Pine is the tip of Kabatepe (formerly Gaba Tepe) Point. The slight bump on the horizon just to the right of the Lone Pine trees is Achi Baba at Cape Helles. Scrolling further right shows the spit running down to the Sphinx, with part of Plugge's Plateau just visible in the background.

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