Table Top panorama, Gallipoli

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This panorama shows the view from Table Top towards the sea, with Outpost No. 2 on the coast. Scrolling right, Suvla and the salt lake are visible, with Bauchop's Hill in the near distance (with the road on it). Just above the road is Hill 60 (white object). Further right are the W Hills (not clearly visible). On the other side of Chailak Dere is Cheshire Ridge. Above this is Chunuk Bair; both the New Zealand and Turkish memorials are visible. Below the crest, the white object is The Farm Cemetery. The rising ground to the right of Chunuk Bair is Rhododendron Spur. Further right is Battleship Hill, which runs down to Baby 700 and the trees at The Nek. In the far distance are Plugge's Plateau and Ari Burnu Point.

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