The Alexandra Redoubt at Tūākau

The Alexandra Redoubt at Tūākau

The Alexandra Redoubt at Tūākau, on the Waikato River, by Henry James (1819–1898), published in the Illustrated London News, 1863.

The image looks across the river towards a steep hill crowned by the Alexandra Redoubt. Six Māori canoes are on the river and there is a raupō hut in the right foreground. A small hut and figures can be seen on the opposite bank. The redoubt has several buildings behind low walls, and a flagpole on which a flag flies.

The 65th Regiment established the Alexandra Redoubt on a hill above the Waikato River as the invasion of Waikato began in July 1863. It was to be a base for control of the lower reaches of the river and protection of the supply lines of the invasion force

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