US servicemen playing rugby

US servicemen playing rugby

Taking on the locals: On 28 August 1943 a US Marines selection played a game of rugby against a local Army team at Athletic Park in Wellington. The match, won by the New Zealanders 22–13, was described by a visiting American photographer as ‘mayhem’.

The U.S. marines, who have taken up the New Zealand Rugby game, showed in a match with a local Army team at Athletic Park on Saturday that they are improving greatly with practice and the limited opportunities for match play. Well-known senior players and some representatives were in the side which opposed the marines, and that put the Americans to a severe test. Although beaten, the marines acquitted themselves well, Ventresca and Tate being amongst those to perform prominently. The Army side won an entertaining match by 22 points to 13. For the winners Freeman scored two tries and Dougan, Kenny, Haines, and Thiele one each, Rickit converting two. For the marines Tate and Girffon each scored a try, Griffon and Miller converting, and Griffon also kicking a penalty goal. Mr. J. Gilchrist refereed.

Evening Post, 30 August 1943, p. 6

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