Andrew, Hargest and Freyberg in Egypt

Three key commanders of the Crete campaign confer at Helwan, Egypt, on 21 July 1941. Left to right: Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew, 22nd Battalion; Brigadier Hargest, 5th (NZ) Brigade; Major-General Freyberg, 2nd New Zealand Division and Creforce.

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What do you know?


Posted: 08 Apr 2011

Hi Alastair - this means it is from the Alexander Turnbull Library collection. The DA number is their reference. You can search for it on their Timeframes website.

Alastair Barnett

Posted: 08 Apr 2011

A photo from the Crete campaign is quoted as ATL: DA-07513 What does this mean and who holds the original?


Posted: 18 May 2009

Thanks, Mark - not sure how this one slipped through! Have corrected the caption and changed the title. Jamie Mackay


Posted: 15 May 2009

The terrain and uniforms suggest that the photo was taken in North Africa, Crete. Andrew commanded 22 Battalion, not 20 Battalion.