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Bernard Freyberg

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Full Name:

Bernard Freyberg


21 Mar 1889 – 4 Jul 1963


Bernard Freyberg
A First World War hero and commander of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Bernard Freyberg proved to be a charismatic and popular military leader who would later serve a term as Governor-General

Events In History

22 November 1939

British-born but New Zealand-raised, Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg was a charismatic and popular military leader who later served as governor-general.


Notes for My Successor

Until the late 1960s New Zealand's governors-general were British, mainly minor aristocrats, or admirals or generals. Read the full article

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As the new boy would have known, it was a so-called job for the boys, a political gift. Lords Bledisloe (1930–35), Galway (1935–41) and Sir Bernard Freyberg (1946–52), for

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The new governor-general had to make a good impression. That meant landing in the

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Lord Bledisloe (1930–35) felt that senior staff 'should be fond of dancing and of games and sport of all kinds, as these accomplishments appeal to people here I would not have

Viceregal visiting

'To be invisible is to be forgotten,' constitutional theorist Walter Bagehot (1826–77) warned. For the King or Queen's New Zealand representative, the governor-general, that meant hitting the road Read the full article

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New Zealanders loved a good viceregal do, and no one was observed more closely than Their

History of the Governor-General

New Zealand has had a governor or (from 1917) a governor-general since 1840. The work of these men and women has reflected the constitutional and political history of New Zealand in many ways. Read the full article

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