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Events In History

11 December 1931

The British Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster, confirming the complete autonomy of its six Dominions. Australia and New Zealand held back from adopting this status, but in 1947 New Zealand became the last of the Dominions to do so.


History of the Governor-General

New Zealand has had a governor or (from 1917) a governor-general since 1840. The work of these men and women has reflected the constitutional and political history of New Zealand in many ways. Read the full article

Page 6 - Regalised

The constitutional arrangements of the British Empire changed greatly between the creation of the Imperial War Cabinet in 1917 and the passing of the Statute of Westminster in

Parliament's culture and traditions

Explore Parliament's rich history and its colourful culture and traditions. Read the full article

Page 4 - Westminster traditions

Many parliaments take a lead from Britain's ancient House of Commons, and New Zealand, too, followed the traditions in the home

Evidence of the close link between the parliaments of New Zealand and Great Britain.