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The Italian Campaign

  • The Italian Campaign

    Tens of thousands of New Zealanders fought their way up the boot of Italy from 1943 to 1945 as part of the vast multinational force assembled to roll back Axis aggression in far-flung theatres of war across the globe

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  • Page 2 – Into action at the Sangro River

    The 'Div' was soon in action at the end of November. The New Zealanders were assigned the task of joining the Allied effort to breach the Gustav Line by attacking its eastern

  • Page 3 – Prelude

    The Allied decision to invade Italy arose from a combination of opportunism, misplaced hopes and coalition compromise.

  • Page 4 – Cassino

    The Division was to enjoy only a brief respite before being called upon to participate in a new attack on a strong point which would prove the most tragically elusive prize of

  • Page 5 – Faenza, Trieste and home

    After a period of rest and recuperation, the 'Div' was back in action again in July as part of the Allied effort to breach the Germans' new so-called Gothic Line running from

  • Page 6 – Italian campaign timeline

    A brief outline of the key events of the Italian Campaign, particularly focusing on the involvement of New Zealand.

  • Page 7 – Kiwi stories

    Discover the stories of some of the New Zealanders who served in the Italian Campaign, 1943–1945

  • Page 8 – Further information

    Further reading on the New Zealander's campaign in Italy during the Second World War

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  • Freyberg, Bernard Cyril

    A First World War hero and commander of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Bernard Freyberg proved to be a charismatic and popular military leader who would later serve a term as Governor-General

  • Kippenberger, Howard Karl

    Leader of the 5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade in the North African desert campaigns of 1942 and 1943, Kippenberger was New Zealand’s most popular military commander, and perhaps its most talented.