Italian Campaign map

Italian Campaign map


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After the end of the Allied campaign in North Africa the New Zealand Division (2NZEF) set off for Italy in October 1943, landing at Taranto before setting up base camp near Bari. The men were in action by November 1943 when they were assigned the task of attacking and crossing the Sangro River with the hope of starting an advance on Rome.

They fought at Castelfrentano, Orsogna and most lengthily at Cassino before advancing as far as Florence. Crossing to the east coast again, they fought at Rimini and Faenza before beginning the arduous slog across the river-braided northeast plain of Italy to Trieste. They arrived there in April 1945 to find Yugoslav partisans contesting the city. They began their slow return to New Zealand in July that year after spending some time at Lake Trasimene.


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