Wounded at Cassino by Peter McIntyre

<em>Wounded at Cassino</em> by Peter McIntyre

This painting by Peter McIntyre, New Zealand's official war artist in the Mediterranean during the Second World War, depicts a scene during the Battle of Cassino, part of the Italian Campaign. McIntyre was attached to the 2nd New Zealand Division during the war, and his work helped define the New Zealand soldier's experience in CreteNorth Africa and Italy.

The muted colours in McIntyre's painting convey a sombre tone. This perhaps also conveys the disappointment felt amongst members of the Division that the offensive's objectives were not met. The most detailed section of the painting, and the viewer's natural point of attention, are the two New Zealand soldiers. One is helping his wounded comrade navigate the network of rubble that characterised the town of Cassino following its destruction by aerial and artillery bombardment in March 1944.

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