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The Italian Campaign

Page 6 – Italian campaign timeline

A brief outline of the key events of the Italian Campaign, particularly focusing on the involvement of New Zealand.


9 July - 17 August: Allied invasion of Sicily.
8 September:
Italians surrender to Allies. Germans quickly occupy Italy.
9 September:
Allied landings at Salerno and Taranto, mainland Italy.
11 September: Germans occupy Rome.
12 September: Germans rescue Mussolini from prison.
14 September: Allied landings in Sardinia; Heavy fighting at Salerno.
23 September: Mussolini re-establishes Fascist government in northern Italy.
1 October: Allies enter Naples.
3 October: First troops of 2 NZ Division arrive at Taranto, Italy.
13 October:  Liberated Italy declares war on Germany.
16 - 17 October: 4 and 5 NZ Brigades leave Port Tewfik, Egypt, for Italy.
22 November: Offensive on the Sangro River by 8 Army begins.
1 December: German line on the Sangro River broken.
3 - 24 December: 2 NZ Division battles for Orsogna north of Sangro River.


13 January: Decision made to move NZ troops from Orsogna across the Italian peninsula to Cassino.
17 January: US 5 Army offensive along the Gustav line begins. 2 NZ Division assembling in army's rear; First attack towards Cassino.
22 January: Allied landing at Anzio, behind the German lines at Cassino.
3 February: First counter-attack by Germans at Anzio.
15 - 18 February: Allies bomb the monastery at Monte Cassino.
16 February: Second German counter-attack at Anzio.
17 February: 28 Maori Battalion crosses the Rapido River south of Cassino and captures railway station. Forced to withdraw the following day as Germans counter-attack.
15 March: NZ Corps begins the assault on Cassino town after further Allied bombing. Assault continues until 23 March when they withdraw.
11 - 12 May: Allied forces open new offensive against Gustav line in Italy.
18 May: Polish troops capture Cassino.
5 June: Allies enter Rome.
16 July: Allies capture Arezzo.
17 July: Allies cross the Arno River.
4 August: Allied forces advance into Florence.
22 August: Germans retreat to the Gothic Line in northern Italy.
31 August: Eighth Army attacks the Gothic Line.
2 September: Eighth Army breaks the Gothic Line. US troops capture Pisa.
4 December: Eighth Army enters Ravenna.
14 December: NZ Div captures Faenza.


1 April: Allied forces begin offensive in northern Italy.
28 April: Mussolini executed by partisans; Allies take Venice.
2 May: 2 NZ Division enters Trieste; Germans in Italy surrender.

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