New Zealanders take Faenza, 1945

A 1945 British Pathé film clip showing the 2nd New Zealand Division's advance through the Italian town of Faenza as part of the Italian Campaign.


The familiar sight of the RE’s [Royal Engineers] going about his dangerous work de-mining in the wake of the enemy. Brilliant operations by the 8th Army, with General Freyberg’s New Zealanders playing the chief part, results in considerable progress being made in the direction of Bologna.

Faenza is one of the places that conquest knocked about a bit. The New Zealanders had to meet determined resistance, facing none other than their old opponents: the 90th Panzer Grenadiers.

Not only did the New Zealanders make a clean sweep of Faenza, but the impetus of their advance took them three miles beyond, and the place was open for the thin trickle of refugees to wend a way back into the ruins of the war-torn town.

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