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Events In History

  • 22 September 1906
    Domestic workers call for 68-hour week

    At a meeting in Wellington, Marianne Tasker and supporters established a domestic workers’ union, hoping to use the Liberal government’s Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act to force employers to improve pay and conditions. Central to their demands was a 68-hour working week. Read more...


Assisted immigration, 1947-75

  • Assisted immigration, 1947-75

    New Zealand is a country of immigrants. Wave after wave of peoples have settled here: Polynesian, British, European, Asian.

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  • Page 2 - Peopling New ZealandThe Labour Department was responsible for setting up and administering the assisted immigration

Notes for My Successor

  • Notes for My Successor

    Until the late 1960s New Zealand's governors-general were British, mainly minor aristocrats, or admirals or generals.

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  • Page 4 - Staff and servantsLord Bledisloe (1930–35) felt that senior staff 'should be fond of dancing and of games and sport of all kinds, as these accomplishments appeal to people here I would not have

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